Battery Maintenance Tips

Buying a good quality and durable battery is one of the imperative factors for your vehicle. However, after buying, taking its due care is equally important to harness smooth performance in every journey. Ignorance could result in unpleasant experiences which we all have witnessed at some point in life. To ensure not to relive that painful memory follow below tips and have a wonderful journey…

  1. Never crank start continuously for more than 10 seconds.
  2. Exposing the battery to excessive shocks and vibrations will eventually damage it.
  3. Also exposing it to an open flame, cigarettes, or spark may cause explosion.
  4. Boost charging the battery is not advisable.
  5. Never put any foreign material into the battery e.g. metals, it contaminates the battery electrolyte.
  6. When placing battery, ensure that it is secured firmly in the cradle. And the battery tray is cleaned properly.
  7. Always keep terminals and clamps clean and grease-free and never hammer down the clamps. Keep the battery top clean from mud and dust by cleaning with a cloth having little moisture.
  8. In case of heavy mud covering the battery, the top should be cleaned and then vent plug to be opened with a rupee coin and immersed in distilled water to clear the mud. Ensure there is no blockage in the vent plug top.
  9. NEVER test the battery by short circuiting with wires and spanners.
  10. Do not keep normal batteries idle for more than 3-4 weeks and MF batteries idle for more than 10-12 weeks.
  11. Make sure the connecting cables are fixed to the correct poles. (first +ve to +ve then -ve to -ve)
  12. Apply petroleum jelly on the terminal cable clamps but never apply grease.
  13. In case of maintenance-free (MF) automotive batteries, vent plugs can be opened with a rupee coin.
  14. Ensure that the clamps are always firmly tightened.
  15. To protect the batteries from damage, recharge at recommended current (amps) only.
  16. Do not operate or charge battery if electrolyte temperature exceeds 60°C.
  17. When it’s time to top-up your battery, always use distilled water only. Refrain from using tap/mineral water or even acid.
  18. When buying a new battery do not just buy any random battery influenced by commercials. Choose the right size battery for the vehicle.
  19. Get good quality starter cables. They should be strong enough to carry high starter current.
  20. Periodically check the voltage regulator output as over and under charging can be harmful to the battery.