Inverter Battery


Global shortage of resources have triggered increased dependency on alternate power sources. Consequently, Power Inverters have become an integral part of our lives. These saviors in our tough times of perennial outages, keep the show running by powering electric and electronic devices of varying capacities. The performance of these life-savers however, largely depends on their battery. It’s the battery which safeguards longer life of your inverter.

Below are a few useful tips to increase your Inverter batterys efficiency and hence, the back up too –

LET GO OF EXTRA LOAD: Inverters supply current which is derived from the energy stored in batteries. During an outage, the number of devices you connect to the inverter directly constitute to the amount of power drawn from it. Naturally, more the load, shorter will be the backup period. Allocate the load smartly as per your necessity.

MIND THE TERMINALS: Rusting or corrosion deters battery’s performance. It weakens the current flow from and to the battery. Such sluggish current results in slow battery charging which ultimately diminishes battery life and gradually afflicts inverter back up.

TEND THE TERMINALS: Clean the corroded terminals using an old toothbrush or baking soda solution. After cleaning the terminals, apply petroleum jelly on them to avoid future corrosion.

CORRECT CHARGING IS THE KEY: For smooth functioning of inverter batteries, it’s imperative to charge them correctly and regularly.  If there is no power cut for a long time, discharge the battery completely once a month and then recharge it.

KEEP THE BATTERY HYDRATED: Check the water level of battery (max. /min. limit) every two months. Top up the battery with distilled water only. Never use tap water or rain water as it contains impurities which adversely affect the battery.

USE ENERGY SAVING APPLIANCES: There’s a wave of energy saving brands in the market claiming substantial amount of decrease in energy consumption by their devices. Choose decent brands to derive maximum mileage out of such eco-friendly promises. Products such as CFL bulbs, LED lighting, power-saving gadgets, etc. are ideal with inverters as they are heavy on performance and light on load.

USE QUALITY BATTERIES: Replace worn-out inverter batteries with quality products only.  Go for batteries with long-lasting performance, correct charge storage capacity, eco-friendly, etc. Cheap, sub-standard batteries fail to deliver adequate back-up in the long run. Maintenance-free or sealed batteries are best suited as these won’t leak the electrolyte. For high-quality, trusted batteries log on to and choose the most suited battery type as per your load requirement.


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